Throat Chakra Bracelet ~ Sandalwood, Kyanite,

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Aquamarine - A stone of protection and courage - Helps to open the mind to acquire intellectual growth and inner knowledge - Helps to promote verbal expression to strengthen verbal reasoning - Helps to bring peace and serenity to one’s mind - Helps to heal those suffering with any throat issues and autoimmune diseases

Blue Kyanite - Helps to bring clarity through communication - Aligns all of the chakras - A great calming stone when the wearer is feeling anxious or when the wearer is preparing to meditate - Helps the throat and brain

Sodalite - Brings confidence to the shy and timid - Improves courage to those who are oversensitive and defensive - Widens the perspective of the wearer

Kyanite Size: 10mm

Aquamarine Bead Size: 8mm

Sodalite Size: 8mm

Sandalwood Size: 8mm Beads